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Weekly Deal #1

Name of event: Saturday Steak Night

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Saturday Steak Night.. It’s more than just a meal.. it’s a new unique & safe dining experience
Price: BD 25 net for two persons with a bottle of wine
Timings: Every Saturday from 7pm onwards

Weekly Deal #2



“Bingo!” Who doesn’t like the thrill of finding the last item on your list, jumping out of your chair, and shouting you won? Bingo is classic and incredibly fun and easy game to play with family and friends is now in the castle but with a twist! Guaranteed instant fun atmosphere as you sing along and get the chance to win with Camelot’s Musical Bingo!

Starting on April every Wednesday from 8pm, our beloved Nathalie will be entertaining you live as she sings random songs from various artists which are randomly listed as a single block of a card. Each time Nathalie sings out a song, be ready to search for the right square on your card, and mark it. The first to have five songs marked in a row yell ‘BINGO’, and win! Lots of fabulous prizes awaits.

For more info, please call us at 1771 7745 or
Anna at 3997 7540.

Weekly Deal #3

Name of event: The Grape Escape


Brief description: Wine Tasting with smooth grooves and cheeses to compliment.

Price: BD 15/person

Timings: The Grape Escape – every Tuesday from 8pm – 12am


Weekly Deal #4

Name of event: Moules et Frites


Brief description: Enjoy unlimited Mussels + fries for BD14 or add unlimited Mussels + fries + unlimited selected beverages for BD22

Timings: Moules et Frites – every Monday


Weekly Deal #5

35% Discount On Sunday

Every Sunday

Take a special journey and treat yourself like royalty @camelot_bahrainRestaurant and Lounge.
Accept the best for you and get 35% off

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