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Weekly Deal #1

Name of event: Saturday Steak Night

camelot-website daily events-Sat
Saturday Steak Night.. It’s more than just a meal.. it’s a new unique & safe dining experience
Price: BD 25 net for two persons with a bottle of wine
Timings: Every Saturday from 7pm onwards

Weekly Deal #2

Name of event: Happy Hour

camelot-website daily events-Sun
Happy Hour.. Why limit happy to an hour? Enjoy sunday all night
Deal: 40% Off on food and beverages

Timings: Every Sunday from 7pm onwards

Weekly Deal #3

Name of event: The Grape Escape


Brief description: Wine Tasting with smooth grooves and cheeses to compliment.

Price: BD 15/person

Timings: The Grape Escape – every Tuesday from 8pm – 12am


Weekly Deal #4

Name of event: Moules et Frites


Brief description: Enjoy unlimited Mussels + fries for BD14 or add unlimited Mussels + fries + unlimited selected beverages for BD22

Timings: Moules et Frites – every Monday

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